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      "You know me, father John?"

      "Yes, yes, there is little doubt of that: but how can we come at the truth? Sudbury still retains his wrath against us, and would oppose an arrest; and even could he be waylaid, and brought hither, he is stubborn, and might refuse to answer."

      Little more remains to be said. De Boteler, upon discovering that Byles held Holgrave's land by virtue of the mortgage transferred by the usurer to Calverley, pronounced, in the most summary way, the whole thing illegal. Byles was dispossessed, and the farm, now the largest in the manor, returned to Holgrave, who thus, like old Job, became the possessor of greater wealth after his misfortunes than he had enjoyed before.The treasurer turned pale, and hung his head.

      "Ha! and do ye say so?" returned Tyler, elevating his arm, "take ye that for your insolence:" but the blow, which would have deprived the worthy citizens of their sturdy chief, was arrested, ere it descended, by Warwick, who seized the uplifted weapon from behind, and the next moment the smith received a stunning blow from William Walworth's mace; then, as the reins dropped from his hands, a thrust from De Boteler's sword, ended the cares of one who, doubtless, had he lived at a later period, might, in the cause for which he bled, have been a Tell or a Hofer.

      "Is that you, Robin?" said a soft voice; and a female face was seen peeping half way down the stairs.

      They then descended to the stabling, and, followed by many inquisitive eyes, went on to Holgrave's cottage.


      "No, not a syllable;" replied Calverley in almost a fever of excitement, "but be quick, and say what you know?"


      Isabella grew pale as she listened; for by some strange instinct she had so connected Holgrave with the abduction of her child, that his flight seemed now to have wrested from her her last hope.


      "And who are you, varlet?" said Richard, evidently more amused than offended, as he expected some fresh incident to grow out of this affair.The parchment being handed to Calverley, he instantly recognized the hand, and, in answer to De Boteler's question, replied